Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

alcohol hand sanitizer

Why is hand sanitiser important in a work environment?

Hand sanitizers are important in a work environment as they reduce the risk of spreading germs from person to person. This is an issue that has been highlighted during the Covid pandemic. Each time your hand touches a surface in the workplace there is the potential to spread disease. An effective hand sanitiser or alcohol gel kills germs and offers protection from diseases. They are essential in areas where people may be exposed to bacteria, viruses and germs.

Using an alcoholic based hand sanitizer will help to reduce infection rates and maintain a clean, hygienic environment. Ethanol and Isopropyl are the most common alcohols that are used. Employees should use hand sanitiser because it prevents cross-contamination and the spread of infection.  In light of the current covid pandemic, it is important that everyone does their bit to avoid creating an emergency situation. With a few drops of hand sanitiser, you can work cleanly and safely, knowing you have an effective barrier to prevent transmissions by hand.

What substances does a sanitiser usually contain?

Alcohol hand sanitizers usually contain Ethanol/Ethyl alcohol. However, they may also contain substances such as Isopropanol/Isopropyl alcohol.

How are alcohols such as Ethanol and Isopropanol used in sanitisers?

Alcohol is used in sanitizers to prevent the formation of bacteria or fungi. Ethanol/ethyl alcohol is commonly used for this purpose. While it can be used as a hand sanitizer on its own, it is more often used in combination with other chemicals to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace.

Alcohol is used in surgical sanitisers to help to prevent the growth of micro-organisms. It is also used as a solvent and to dissolve other materials, such as fats.  The technique of using sterilizing solutions to clean and decontaminate surgical instruments, surgical staff and patients is known as the aseptic technique. However, using alcohol to clean wounds can cause irritation and is not an ideal treatment for sensitive skin. It is best to avoid using alcohol on very young children. As surgeons need to be protected from blood-borne viruses, they wear a disposable gown, a mask and gloves when performing surgery. The surgical instruments are also sterilized and any equipment that may come into contact with the wound is either disposable or sterilized.

Why is it important to keep every work surface clean?

Surfaces that are not clean contribute to the growth of bacteria and other organisms that could lead to illness. It is important to keep food preparation surfaces clean using effective disinfectants. Many people even give their worksurfaces a clean in between tasks to help reduce the risk of contamination.

How has Covid affected hygiene and cleanliness?

During Covid, it has become even more important to keep things as clean as possible in the workplace. This is a health issue that has gained a lot of public attention as we have seen that containing outbreaks can be difficult. Covid’s impact has been felt by everyone as it spreads, restricting travel, delaying cancer treatment and limiting access to other types of medical treatment. In order to help combat the effects and reduce the risk of outbreaks, It’s vital that employees use a hand sanitizer & wear proper Personal Protective Equipment. This may include the following items;
– Gloves to help avoid cuts, abrasions, and chemical contamination.
– Safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust, chemicals, and metal chips.
– Face shield to protect your face from injuries.
– Ear plugs or muffs to protect your hearing.
– Protective clothing to protect your body from cuts and abrasions.

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