Blue Vinyl Gloves

blue vinyl gloves

What are blue vinyl gloves used for in the workplace?

Catering Resources have a variety of gloves in stock. One of the types of glove that we stock is a disposable glove that is made of blue vinyl. These gloves are mainly used during food preparation. They are extremely effective for protecting the food from the cook’s hands as well as protecting the hands from stains from the food. You can also use this type of glove when you are cleaning. 

How hygienic are vinyl gloves?

Vinyl gloves are readily disposable and made of a thin layer of vinyl stretched over a moulded cup. Disposable gloves, however, have some disadvantages. The most important thing to remember is that they should not be used for anything other than what they were designed for. These gloves are hygienic in the workplace since are disposed of after being used.

What is the difference between vinyl gloves and latex gloves?

Latex gloves are formed of natural rubber (from the rubber tree), whereas vinyl gloves are made of raw synthetic materials (mostly PVC – Poly Vinyl Chloride-and-Phthalates DINP plasticizers that soften and pliable plastics). Latex gloves are more resistant to tearing and puncture, and are also more waterproof since the degree of microholes is easy to control, making them safer for high-risk occupations, such as working with biological materials.

Because vinyl gloves are free of natural proteins, they can be used by those who are allergic to latex proteins. They are also less expensive, but if the product’s thickness is enough, they can provide a level of protection. Latex gloves, on the other hand, are biodegradable, unlike vinyl gloves which must be disposed of with caution, as PVC can produce dioxin if improperly disposed of.

Order practical, effective gloves at an extremely competitive price

We work with our suppliers to coordinate product and labour prices. By maintaining a high volume of sales we are able to keep the price of our vinyl gloves extremely low, especially for bulk orders. Ordering goods is a straightforward process with Catering Resources. We make sure you get your items processed quickly and efficiently, ready for delivery. 

Catering Resources offer nationwide delivery on all batches of blue vinyl gloves

We can organise the delivery of batches of vinyl gloves to all areas of the UK. Our company uses speedy, efficient couriers that will ensure your gloves are delivered to your doorstep.

Contact us directly for product details and additional information

Are you looking for safe, hygienic disposable gloves to use in your place of business? Catering Resources will help you order the right product at the right price. We aim to provide the highest standard of customer service from the moment you order through to the delivery. Find out more about our selection of vinyl gloves by giving us a call or contacting us through our website