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face guard

Protect yourself from airborne particles & transmissions with a face guard

In environments where there are airborne particles, it is important to shield your face. Whether it is to protect against a potential infection or to fine fragments in the workplace. Catering Resources offer a selection of face shields that come with a protective transparent visor.

What are the benefits of using a face guard?

Face guards or face shields provide protection from epidermal particles and chemicals. These are commonly associated with the use of welding and grinding tools. Using a face shield provides protection to your face, mouth, nose, and eyes from infectious agents, foreign bodies and chemicals.

Will my face still be vulnerable if I wear a face shield?

The level of protection offered by face guards depends on the model and the amount of safety they offer. However, because the visor extends down from the forehead, a shield will protect the eyes as well as the nose and mouth. The covering that face shields offer is substantial. When tested against an influenza-infused aerosol from a distance of 18 inches, a face shield reduced exposure by 96 percent during the period immediately following a cough, according to a 2014 study. The face covering significantly reduced respirator surface contamination by 97 percent.

Does a faceguard offer more protection than a face mask?

A face mask is safe to wear for protection against certain contaminants. Facial PPE like face masks and respirators form a barrier between your mouth and nose and your surrounding environment. They are ideal for situations where particulates are a concern. A faceguard will protect you, the wearer, but because the face shield is away from your face, if you cough, those droplets can still escape better than if you were wearing a mask.

In what way is my face less protected by a face mask?

In certain situations, a mask can be is less effective than a visor on a face shield. A shield is made of polycarbonate which can be used to protect your face from dust particles and other harmful particles. A mask is mainly used to prevent the spread of germs when you are working in close proximity to someone else.

A mask is designed to protect your mouth and nose, not your eyes, ears and face as a shield does. To protect your face a full face shield is best.

How effective is a visor for protecting my face?

The minimum protection that you will see in laboratories or certain workplaces is protective glasses. A visor offers more extensive protection for obvious reasons. It is effective for preventing fine objects coming into contact with a persons face. It may also work as a shield from any airborne droplets that are present. However, people who use a visor instead of masks to protect their face may be putting themselves at risk of infection, with the elderly being particularly vulnerable.

Is a visor disposable or can it be used more than once?

A visor can be used more than once as long as it is properly cleaned.

Should I use additional protection for my face or is a visor sufficient?

A visor can function as a shield against potential airborne transmissions. However, it is more beneficial when worn in conjunction with a mask rather than alone.

Exceptional protection for your face with a Catering Resources face shield

Shield your face safely and effectively. Contact us today or visit our website for details about the face guards that we stock. Items can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom or shipped internationally.