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Does your business need to incorporate face masks into its health and safety policy? Has covid had an impact in the workplace that your company needs to address? Whatever your requirements, Catering Resources stock a wide range of face mask designs and we are confident we will be able to help. Your employees are the biggest asset of your business and their health is of paramount importance. The coronavirus pandemic has been in the news constantly over the last 12 months. The dangers posed by it has meant there is a greater need to wear a mask or face covering. We are tackling this issue head-on with face mask supplies and other personal protective gear.

Our masks offer an exceptional level of protection for your face

When you order a face mask, you want to be sure that it is safe, durable, and fits the purpose that you need it for. Each type of mask is designed for a specific use and particular environment. At Catering Resources we have an extensive selection of face masks in stock that are made to the highest standards. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss a range of suitable mask options with you. We maintain a constant dialogue with our customers and will make sure your face masks are the perfect match for your requirements.

Why is it important to wear a mask in the workplace?

Masks protect your face from harmful substances and airborne contamination. They are an important tool for preventing transmission and saving lives. Masks should be incorporated into a wider health and safety policy, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. This may include physical separation, avoiding crowded, closed, and close-contact settings, sufficient ventilation, handwashing, covering sneezes and coughs. Masks can be used to protect healthy people or to prevent forward transmission, depending on the type.

How many times can I reuse masks?

Surgical face masks are the most common anti-COVID weapon. These medical masks are only to be used once, they must be discarded after a single usage, according to health officials and the World Health Organization. Face masks should be Immediately discarded, preferably in a closed bin.

Other face coverings such as homemade cloth face masks can be reused but these face masks need to be thoroughly cleaned at high temperatures in between use.

Are more people protecting their face with a mask because of Covid?

The COVID pandemic has made us start paying a lot more attention to masks. Transmission mainly occurs through the nose and mouth. It can also occur from contact with a contaminated surface and the eyes. These points of transmission make the face particularly vulnerable to coronavirus infection and highlights the need for effective face coverings.

Since June 2020, the World Health Organization has advised healthy persons to wear nonmedical masks to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Such as in situations where physical separation is impossible. For example, in confined public venues such as supermarkets, countries are progressively requiring masks or other face coverings. Evidence has been collected that shows efforts aimed at the vulnerable population can effectively aid in the outbreak’s containment. Mask wear can protect others from catching the infection since even nonmedical masks decrease the dispersion of droplets and infectious aerosols. While these types of coverings help prevent a person from transmitting an infection they offer minimal protection compared to a medical mask.

What type of face coverings will offer protection from coronavirus?

Protective medical face coverings will offer the best protection from coronavirus. Suitable items include face shields, full-face respirators and N-95 respirators. These types of masks are becoming more visible in public. If you travel by air you will find that most airlines have a requirement for visors and mask while you are on the plane. A mask made from materials such as cotton may help to prevent you from transmitting potentially infectious droplets. However, you will not be protected from breathing in any airborne viruses or infections.

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