Face Shield With Glasses


Incorporate glasses into your face shield and maintain perfect vision

Catering Resources stock a range of practical face shields with glasses, affording users the protection of a shield while doing work that requires glasses. This protective visor, unlike many others, lacks an elasticized strap and foam padding. For a more comfortable fit, this face shield is designed to be worn like spectacles and can in fact be worn over a pair of glasses. It is one-size-fits-all since it is constructed with adjustable frames that can be adjusted to fit your face.

What are the benefits of face shields compared to a face mask?

A face shield provides greater protection than a face mask because a face shield protects the whole face with its visor. A face mask, however, only covers the mouth and nose. A shield with a visor is also stronger than a mask, and it can protect your face, teeth, and eyes from spattering. A face shield has a plastic coating and can protect against cuts from sharp objects that a mask can’t protect you from. A face shield is also lightweight, so it is easier to wear for long periods of time.

Face shield glasses offer exceptional safety

Face shield glasses are designed to protect the face from chemicals and particles more so than goggles would. The use of visors provides extra protection by shielding the eyes from flying debris, dust, or any airborne particles. The safety glasses are also good to protect wearers from splashes of chemicals, acidic or caustic substances, and solvents.

Why do spectacles need to be incorporated into a facial shield?

Putting glasses in face shields allow wearers to do close up work without removing the shield. This offers additional safety and protection to the face regardless of the size of a job.

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