Hand Sanitiser Bulk

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Bulk orders of alcohol hand sanitiser gel are available and ready to deliver from Catering Resources. These are premium quality products with a high alcohol concentration that destroys 99.99 percent of germs and viruses. This is a high viscosity hand sanitizer that dries quickly and has additional moisturisers that protect the skin. Hand cleaning is currently essential in most workplaces. Make sure you have suitable sanitiser products available if your hands come into contact with a potentially risky area.

hand sanitiser bulk

Premium quality hand sanitisers at wholesale prices

Distributing hand sanitisers in job lots means that we can offer extremely competitive wholesale prices. In the current climate with the dangers of Covid, no one wants to run out of hand sanitiser. Make sure you stay well-stocked with our range of sanitiser liquid or gel.

What are the benefits of alcohol-based sanitiser gel?

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are used for cleaning and managing the hands of an individual. As a result, this antibacterial gel, or liquid will reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. They are convenient to use, and also non-toxic and safe. Using an antibacterial hand sanitiser has both immediate and long-term consequences. To provide protection against germs and viruses, it is designed to meet stringent health and safety standards. All hand sanitisers undergo rigorous testing and to make sure they pass the required regulations. 

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Save money with a wholesale purchase of high-quality hand sanitiser. A bulk order will ensure you get a great price and have supplies when you need them. We guarantee great customer service and a quick dispatch when you buy from us. For more details please contact us by phone or through our website.