Medical Goggles

Medical eye protection from catering resources

Medical goggles are used to protect your eyes during surgery and other medical procedures. They may be made of clear plastic or of glass. The protection these glasses offer is essential in many areas of the health industry. Catering Resources supply an extensive range of eye protection to companies throughout the UK. Our safety glasses are sturdy, durable and meet all the required regulations. We also try to use brands that provide a certain level of comfort when wearing these glasses for long periods.


medical goggles

Why is an anti-splash lens protection important?

Anti-splash goggles protect the eyes while working in situations where there is a risk of splash or splashing of liquids and other particles. Wearing goggles is an important form of eye protection in the medical industry. It can be extremely effective for protecting employees from splashes of blood or other bodily fluids. 

Make goggles medical safety requirements in your workplace

Why are goggles medical safety requirements for some employees in hospitals? Safety goggles are often required to minimize risks during emergency situations. Wearing safety glasses is a part of standard PPE because they protect your eyes from particles, splashes, and liquids. Clear safety glasses or goggles are easy to wipe while offering the required protection a medical employee needs.

All of our medical goggles meet the required rating and standards

Any glasses that are used in hazardous areas must meet certain standards. The safety eyewear that we supply is rigorously tested and passes the required regulations. The UK maintain exceedingly high standards for items of this nature and we are proud that our glasses and goggles are up to scratch. 

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Contact us today and let us know your eyewear requirements. We have an extensive selection of goggles and glasses in stock that offer exceptional protection. Give your employees peace of mind by supplying the best eye protection available. For more information about our safety glasses and goggles please give us a call or visit our website.