Medical Mask

Protect your health with medical face masks from Catering Resources

Catering Resources are leading suppliers of medical face masks throughout the UK. These are essential items for the health industry, even more so during the COVID 19 pandemic. Employees put their health at risk every day so let us supply the goods to do the job. Whatever type of face mask you need, our website shop should be able to meet your requirements.

medical mask

Face masks that meet surgical requirements

Medical face masks need to be reliable, protective, and designed to meet the highest regulatory standards. We only supply surgical masks that tick all of these boxes. Our masks help to ensure that your staff are fully protected for all types of surgical treatment. 

Why are medical face masks important during Covid?

Medical face masks act as a barrier to protect your nose and mouth from airborne particles during contagious events such as COVID 19 and other types of disease. They also help prevent your mouth and nose from coming into contact with blood, vomit, or other harmful substances. Masks are important to wear as part of your coronavirus personal protective equipment (PPE).

Order your face masks today

Contact Catering Resources for all of your medical mask requirements. We are proud to keep the health industry well stocked with face masks and other essential surgical products. All goods are shipped in a quick, efficient manner, guaranteeing a speedy delivery. For more information about the type of medical mask we supply please visit our website or give us a call.