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A disposable apron is a form of personal protective equipment. It is made of a single or double layer of flexible and ultra-lightweight impermeable plastic. Disposable aprons are frequently used by hospital staff, particularly lab workers and nurses. Their main function is to prevent direct contact between the skin and blood or other bodily fluids. This reduces the chance of infection or infection transmission to other patients. As a result, it is a necessary component of Personal Protective Equipment for all health/medical workers. Catering Resources are leading suppliers of this type of plastic apron. We have an extensive range in stock and cater for a variety of industries.

plastic aprons

What are the benefits of disposable aprons?

Using disposable plastic aprons offers a range of benefits.

  • They are cheap and may be purchased in large quantities. This makes them an excellent choice for guests, site visitors, high-risk patients and public health workers.
  • Disposable aprons are practical and adaptable for a number of applications.
  • When working in a hazardous environment, the impermeable plastic layers provide the best protection against contamination and infection.
  • They are both effective and cost-effective. Because it will only be used once and then discarded, you may use it without fear of it being filthy or damaged.

Which industries use disposable aprons?

A variety of industries use disposable aprons, these include;

  • Food delivery drivers
  • Medical assistants
  • Food service workers
  • School cafeteria workers
  • Hospitality industry

What are the alternatives to disposable plastic aprons?

Reusable aprons can be used as alternatives to disposable plastic aprons. They are constructed of high-quality cloth and are extremely resistant to wear and strain. These aprons are much longer-lasting as they can be used again and again. They have strong water or moisture resistance and are both washable and eco-friendly. In the long run, these aprons are more cost-effective. However, this has to be weighed up against the number of aprons required and the amount of laundry if large amounts of people use them every day. Where there is high usage a disposable option may be more suitable. 

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