PPE Goggles

Personal protective eyewear from Catering Resources

Eye protection is an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE). Catering Resources stock a range of eyewear, including safety goggles and glasses. These types of glasses are used by a range of industries to help keep staff safe. Browse our online store and choose from our extensive catalogue. Ordering eye protection for the workplace has never been easier. 

PPE goggles

Why are goggles & safety glasses important for eye protection?

Goggles and safety glasses are important forms of eye protection, protecting your eyes from work-related injuries.  Goggles protect against large particles that may scratch the surface of the eye. Safety glasses protect against debris, metal chips and other small objects that may damage your eyes. They also prevent dust, chemicals, small particles, and liquid splashes from damaging your eyes. Employees should always have suitable eyewear, and if a job poses a risk to their facial area suitable glasses are essential. Make sure your personal protective equipment includes the correct glasses and goggles for any dangerous situation.  

PPE safety eyewear that you can rely on

Eye protection needs to be reliable, safe, and properly tested. At Catering Resources we only stock eyewear that is consistent with these requirements. All of the glasses and goggles that we supply undergo rigorous testing to meet the high standards that this industry requires. The UK has a reputation for consistently high safety standards and we take pride in ensuring our safety glasses and goggles meet them. 

Make safety a priority with our high-quality glasses – order yours today

Contact Catering Resources today and order premium quality eye protection. Let your staff know that safety is paramount, and give them the peace of mind that a good pair of safety glasses or goggles can provide. For more information about our safety glasses and other PPE equipment please call us or visit our website.