PPE Visor

Protect your face with our top of the range visors

Visors are an essential piece of PPE in many industries. They offer protection for a larger area than safety glasses or a mask and provide an important shield for the whole face. Catering Resources stock a variety of visors that are used by a wide range of companies. We understand the importance of these shields in keeping employees safe and make sure that our stock only contains high-quality products. When you order a visor from Catering Resources, you can expect an exceptional level of protection.

PPE visor

What are the benefits of protective visors?

A protective visor shields the face from dangerous airborne items. There are many benefits to wearing one in a hazardous work environment. A visor prevents debris from falling onto your face and eyes, thereby protecting your sight. It improves visibility and protects your eyes, face, ears, head, and neck from potential harm. A face shield like this often has a clear, transparent visor that is easy to wipe, making it easy to see.

Choose a visor that provides an essential shield

Catering Resources stock many types of visor, and we are confident our store will having something to suit your particular working environment. All of our products are designed and rigorously tested to meet the required safety standards. When you need full-face protection, make sure your visor is up to the challenge. 

Order today – we have a variety of brands available

Our selection of PPE and full face protection is second to none. We offer premium quality products at a value for money price. If you need any specific visor brands just give us a call and let us know your requirements. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your face and make sure you use a suitable shield. For more details about our products send us an email or visit our online store.