Control Induction – CI30E Portable Induction hob Touch Control


Induction hobs, unlike gas or halogen rings, do not generate heat in the hob itself but pass electro-magnetic waves through the ceramic plate into into the base of the pan.This generates heat in the pan itself, where it is needed, and not wasted into the atmosphere. Less energy will be used and the kitchen environment will be cooler and more pleasant to work in. As the temperature of the ceramic surface cannot exceed that of the pan, any food spillages will not burn on and can be easily cleaned.

Control Induction counter top induction hob.

Model CI30E

Touch Control Cooker in stainless steel case

Ring Power: 3.0 kW

Material: Vitro Ceramic

Cooking Surface width & depth 287mm x 287mm

Overall Dimensions: 340 x 440 x 125mm

Power Adjustment: 500 – 3000W

Temperature Control: 60-240°C

Timer: 0-180 minutes

Supply Voltage: 240V 50Hz



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