Hoshizaki Ice Maker IM30NE


The Hoshizaki IM-130NE-23 ice maker, produces medium cube shaped ice at a rate of 130kg per 24 hours.

The storage bin has the capacity to hold up to 50kg of ice at a time.

This model is air cooled and uses R404A refrigerant.

This Hoshizaki ice machine is an air cooled, self-contained, under counter machine ideal for under bars and service counters so you always have plenty of ice to hand.

These models are extremely energy efficient as they consume only small amounts of water and electric.

704 (w) x 506(D) x 1200 (H)

The closed circuit water system offers you the maximum protection from cross contamination so you have the peace of mind your ice is free from impurities.

All Hoshizaki ice makers have a microcomputer to control the ice production to the best results for the environment they are in, so there is no need to make any physical adjustments the ice machines will do it themselves.

Constructed from stainless steel and having foam injected polyurethane insulation this machine is robust, durable and will give you service year after year.



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