SCOTSMAN Ice Maker-Cubes ACT127-75KG Per 24hrs




Scotsman’s new Eco X range of ice makers are amongst the most eco-friendly commercial ice machines on the market. The Eco X range also offers a wide range of different models that produce different ice types to suit your commercial catering business.
• Produces individual Gourmet crystal clear ice cubes.
• Resistant stainless steel exterior.
• Advanced diagnostics computerized controls.
• Front panel in and out airflow (air-cooled model only) for built-in installation.
• Front access condenser air filter, removable and washable (air cooled version only).
• Routine maintenance visible alarm light on front panel. Water system protected by patented anti-scale system.
• Ergonomically designed ice storage access, with disappearing door. Door-closing movement dampening system.

• Max. production/24hrs: 75kg / 3750 cubes.
• Bin Capacity: 39kg.
• Water Consumption/24h (A): 177.6l.
• Refrigerant: R290.
• Weight: 65kg.


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