Unox Combi 20 GN1/1 XEVL–2011-YPRS


The XEVL-2011-EPR uses intelligent cooking to guarantee results, featuring a wide range of modules that regulate and monitor the internal activities of the oven. The ADAPTIVE.Cooking module turns your oven into a tool capable of interpreting your settings and understanding your desired result through its use of sensors and analytical intelligence. The module can register changes in humidity and temperature, understand the quantity of food inserted into the oven and automatically regulate the cooking process. You have total humidity control with the CLIMALUX system, capable of measuring the internal humidity inside the oven and act automatically to maintain the ideal cooking conditions required.
  • Insulated triple glass
  • 9.5” LCD touch screen control panel
  • Anti Tip Tray Supports
  • Rotor.KLEAN automatic washing
  • MULTI.POINT core probe
  • LED Chamber illumination integrated into the door
  • Carbon fibre door handle
  • High performance heating elements
  • 4 speed multiple fan system
  • 3G / WiFi connection configuration
  • USB Port for upload/download of data
  • Smart closure for trolley ovens
  • High-performance insulation material
  • Forced air burners with symmetrical heat exchangers
  • Integrated DET&Rinse tank
  • Stainless Steel AISI304 cooking chamber
  • Door docking positions at 60° / 120° / 180°
  • Anti condensate drip tray
  • Perforated lateral supports


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