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    Rational 10 Grid iCombi Classic Electric


    The Rational iCombi Classic 1011G combi oven offers a wide range of modes including steaming and convection for different foods and cooking styles so is ideal for high-output food services and restaurants. Fully gastronorm compatible, the oven can accommodate up to ten 1/1 pans making it perfect for quick transfer between appliances and produce between 80 to 150 meals per day.
    Easy to operate oven which includes the ability to save up to 100 recipe programs, meaning you can quickly retrieve a large volume of different menu items. When it comes to cleaning the oven, there are four automatic cleaning programmes available to ensure your oven remains clean and keeps producing excellent results.

    • Capacity 10 x 1/1GN
    • Dimensions 1014(H) x 850(W) x 842(D)mm
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Output 80-150 meals per day
    • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
    • Voltage 230V
    • Warranty 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour
    • Weight 139kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • 10 x 1/1 GN capacity
    • 80-150 meals per day
    • Manual operating modes: Steam, convection and combination
    • Colour display screen with push button control
    • 4 automatic cleaning programmes
    • Phosphate free active cleaner
    • Retractable hand shower
    • 5 speed fan
    • Wi-Fi enabled (optional)
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    Rational 10 Grid iCombi Classic Gas


    10 Grid – 10 x 1/1 Gastronorm. 22kW Gas (Natural or LPG)

    • Capacity 10 x 1/1GN
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Output 80 -150 meals per day
    • Natural gas or LPG gas models (please select)
    • Natural gas model number: CD2GRRA.0000562
    • LPG gas model number: CD2GRRA.0000550
    • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
    • Weight 121kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • Manual operating modes: Steam, convection and combination
    • Colour display screen with push button control
    • 4 automatic cleaning programmes
    • Phosphate free active cleaner
    • Retractable hand shower
    • 5 speed fan

    The iCombi Classic is truly multitalented, and will quickly become the indispensable assistant in your kitchen. It replaces numerous conventional cooking appliances on a footprint of less than approx. 1 m2, it is robust, high-performing, powerful and efficient. It is easy to use. The impressive functions guarantee high cooking quality. So that with your experience as a chef, you will always get the results you want.

    Intuitive user interfaceDial with push function, colour display, clear symbols on the user interface

    Simple programingUp to 100 programs, with multi-step cooking processes of up to 12 steps

    ClimaPlusTop dehumidification performance and the ability to set humidity in 10% intervals

    Fan wheelsUp to 3 fan wheels provide optimal distribution of the heat, giving uniform results

    Cleaning and descalingAutomatic clean, including overnight, phosphate-free cleaner tabs and reduced consumption

    LED cooking cabinet lightingHigh light intensity and neutral light colour for visual cooking

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    Rational 20 Grid Pro iCombi 20-1/1E


    • Capacity 20 x 1/1GN
    • Dimensions 1807(H) x 877(W) x 913(D)mm
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Output 150-300 meals per day
    • Power Type Electric
    • Supplier Model Number CF1ERRA.0000034
    • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
    • Voltage 400V
    • Warranty 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour
    • Weight 263kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • 20 x 1/1 GN capacity
    • 150-300 meals per day
    • 4 intelligent assistants iDensityControl, iCookingSuite, iProductionManager, and iCareSystem
    • 6 Intelligent operating modes, 5 intelligent cooking methods and 3 manual operating modes
    • Phosphate and phosphorous free with quick clean, care control and eco mode.
    • 6-point core temperature probe
    • Retractable hand shower
    • Wi-Fi enabled
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    Rational iCombi Pro Combi Oven 6 Grid 1/1GN Elec


    Brand Rational
    Category 6 Grid Electric Combination Ovens / Steamers
    Availability Pre-Order (Available from 06/12/2021)
    MPN ICP XS 6-2/3/E
    Meals Per Day 20-80
    Material Stainless Steel Grade: 304
    Power 5.7 kW
    Voltage 400V
    Warranty Manufacturers 2 years on-site parts & labour
    Weight 67 KG
    Power Supply 3 Phase – This unit requires a 3 phase electrical supply to be installed by a qualified electrician
    Width (External) 655mm
    Height (External) 567mm
    Depth (External) 621mm
    Finish Stainless Steel
    Power Type Electric
    Gastronorm Capacity 6 x 2/3
    Combi Range iCombi Pro


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    Unox Combi 10 GN1/1 XEVC-1011-EPLM


    • Model
    • Commercial name
      10 GN 1/1 PLUS
    • Power supply
    • Type of control
    • Price
      £5864 VAT excluded
    • Number of trays
    • Tray size
      GN 1/1
    • Distance between trays
      67 mm
    • Frequency
      50 / 60 Hz
    • Voltage
      400V 3N~
    • Weight
      98 kg
    • Electric power
      18.5 kW
    • Width
      750 mm
    • Depth
      783 mm
    • Height
      1010 mm
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    Unox Combi 20 GN1/1 XEVL-2011-GPLS


    • GAS
    • Temperature: 30 °C – 300 °C
    • Capacity: 20 x GN 1/1 (not included)
    • 4.5 mins preheating time
    • 6 close-pitch reversing fans
    • Up to 9 cooking steps
    • All BIG ovens have the trolley included.
    • CLIMA.Control: humidity or dry air set by 10%
    • Delta T cooking with core probe
    • MULTI.Point core probe
    • SOUS-VIDE core probe
    • Width: 892mm
    • Height: 1875mm
    • Depth: 1085mm

    ● 1000+ Programs

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    Unox Combi 20 GN1/1 XEVL–2011-YPRS


    The XEVL-2011-EPR uses intelligent cooking to guarantee results, featuring a wide range of modules that regulate and monitor the internal activities of the oven. The ADAPTIVE.Cooking module turns your oven into a tool capable of interpreting your settings and understanding your desired result through its use of sensors and analytical intelligence. The module can register changes in humidity and temperature, understand the quantity of food inserted into the oven and automatically regulate the cooking process. You have total humidity control with the CLIMALUX system, capable of measuring the internal humidity inside the oven and act automatically to maintain the ideal cooking conditions required.
    • Insulated triple glass
    • 9.5” LCD touch screen control panel
    • Anti Tip Tray Supports
    • Rotor.KLEAN automatic washing
    • MULTI.POINT core probe
    • LED Chamber illumination integrated into the door
    • Carbon fibre door handle
    • High performance heating elements
    • 4 speed multiple fan system
    • 3G / WiFi connection configuration
    • USB Port for upload/download of data
    • Smart closure for trolley ovens
    • High-performance insulation material
    • Forced air burners with symmetrical heat exchangers
    • Integrated DET&Rinse tank
    • Stainless Steel AISI304 cooking chamber
    • Door docking positions at 60° / 120° / 180°
    • Anti condensate drip tray
    • Perforated lateral supports
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    Unox Combi 5 GN1/1 XEVC-0511-EPLM


    UNOX Cheftop Mind Maps ONE GN 1/1 Right Hand Hinge 5 Tray Self Cleaning Combi Oven. 750x783x675 WxDxH (mm). The Cheftop is the UNOX combi-oven designed for those that look for state-of-the-art technology and simplicity

    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Weight 70kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • Automatic Self Cleaning
    • 7″ Touchscreen Resistive Control Panel
    • Integrated DET&Rinse detergent container to safely dispense cleaning chemical
    • 384 Storable Programs
    • Preheating to 260 Degrees
    • Double Glass Door for improved efficiency
    • Cooking with core probe
    • Holding Cooking Mode
    • USB Port Import-Export Programs / Images / HACCP Data
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